Saturday, September 29, 2012

New life

  Well I considerer that is more than time to start write in english, so let me start for the description of my life since my last post. My holidays ended up and with that end university finally came to my life, I entered in what I wanted, physicall engeneering, so a good challenge for those next 5 years...I confess that this beginning scared me little because I was used to some kind of easy life in high school where I could, beside training, do all stuff I wanted but now, if I want to keep focus on my sport, I have to live just for study and train. It is not anything that fright me and from it start (2 weeks ago) I'm getting more used to it and now I'm enjoying it quite much.
   About my sport life, after this summer competitions I said that I would forget the competition and I did it, beside I continued to train until now, this year I will change to a anual season beside the regular season I had from August to July, I was in Finland and I continued to run but always enjoying first than see it as a obligation. I had fist orienteering competition last weekend since I cameback from Finland and I think I'm quite tired and without legs, well those are quite good news because after the race I'm now this weekend I will have finally my rest and I'll be able to start new train with new coach, my next aim is quite clearly for me and I don't want to happen again what happened last year, that I have a dream year and when the moment comes i'm just out of shape.
   Well I think I'm giving the step in the right direction, I'm one step from my future and when university end I'll finally be able to get my job and acumplish my biggest aim in orienteering, well lets see how it goes...