Monday, October 29, 2012

See the positive on the negative - a hard lesson.

    These time that I didn't wrote had been a really quest for me to find the solution for that injury on my feet. During all these year I allways thought that everything was fine on my run and my path would be always shine and free of the bad things that can happen to a runner. Unfortunetly I had to discover it when the most important moments come, and now is time to admit what is wrong and change it.
    As I said my step was not the best one, but where I had to change to make it go right? Well...that is a difficult question an I guess all runners ask that for themselves, but I had my lessons and I'm convinced that we have a natural form to run (due to some researchs) and my quest had been to change for it. Change is not an easy word for anyone, is difficult to admit that we have to change, but uppon my own pride is my aims and what I want. I admit that is not this easy to change than speak it, and I'm actually suffer a lot to run because I don't feel confortable anyway, believe me or not is quite difficult being stuck and feel like you don't know how to move your leg, I can't run fast or even slow totally fine but this is a fight and I have to keep up against everything to make it right. But I can admit that even pain continues little, it went much better and for me it means that I was right and this is the right direction for me to take and if I want to change I have to give 1 step back to give 2 step further and that is what I'm looking on
   This was big lesson for me, because it is in the worst moments we take our big conclusions and I'm happy that I still can change...this weekend I had a race and it was quite hard for me to run in the terrain again because my feet hurt and my shape is miserable, but beside maps were awfull (saturday could give a really good long distance map If....there was a better cartography) I think it was fine to take a map a jog little on it, and the hilly and dirty terrain was good for strenght train, but...when we look for the rest, I think I could cry.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Marathon, a fast event.

    Marathon, the mythic distance of 26.2 miles that we know as being the top of the athletics "mountain". Usually the marathon athletes are said as slow, when you find a slow runner in short distances you tell him as distance runner, but is really correct to speak about marathon runners as slow in nowadays? Well we just have to look for some facts: The world record is 2'03''38 and the fastest marathon ever run is 2'03''02 in a slightely downhill course, for who doesn't know these records are made in a stunning media per km of 2'56 and 2'54. But I don't pretend to be mean, those are the best times, if you want to be in top 20 runners of all time your time has to be surelly less that 2'06 and to have some respect at world level is better if you run better than 2'10...think just the preparation you need to feel that confortable in a 2'56 k to repeat it 42 times in a row, did you think? now think the times you did more than 20 km in a training and how you felt when you got the end even the rhythim was not that fast, well it is a little disappointing and scary to imagine a human been do such thing. And this is not everything, those men are able to do 5k segments close to 14 and still keep running, so it means they like to sometimes acelerate the pace to a 2'48 and keep it 5 times, considering the other 37 k of the race that they have to do...ah and don't forget sometimes when you look to the splits and somewhere in middle appears 1 k like 2'43 or something and you wonder that your fastest k ever done was something like 2'45 (and you think yourself as fast). 
     So maybe it is time to take from our idea that just because you can't be a fast runner, you will be a good marathoner. Athletics works like a big mountain in wich step correspond to a certain distance, and further you get in higher steps further you have to be able to get in down steps...for a runner do 2'03 at marathon, he has to have a personal best in half marathon at least 2 minutes faster 1'01'30, wich mean 59'30 and to run 59'30 he has to be able to run under 27'30 to 10 k and for that the 5 k has to be at least 13'10 wich mean a km best of 2'25, wich is actually quite faster in a runner reality. So now we look and we ask: Marathoners are really slow? Is better that you start to train 1 k in order to do less than 2'40 if you want at least be a average marathon runner, forget the slow sessions o 20 km and start to do fast 5 km runs first, then you can think in being a "slow" marathon runner. 
     Personally, I've run 2'37 wich means in good shape I'm able for a 2'32 or something and in 3 k I would be quite happy in running something like 8'45 wich means exactly the rhythim for the world record, so is better that I thin for now I'm like snail next to those guys and start to do some fast trainings. :D


Frustration time.

   I was reading about what this can be and I had some lights about the subject. For people who read the book "Born to run" is not strange to talk about feet problems, principally when the author of that book was so afected by those and he continues all over the book to defend that is useless to use the regular methods in order to fix this problem, and it was exactly the tecnology of shoes with special soils that was suppose to help us run just make our feet get injuried.
    Run barefoot is not the magic solution because if you take your shoes off and you start run, you will not feel yourself better because you will still run with the usually step of stepping your feet entirelly on the floor instead of put just the front part. I think that the real change has to be exactly in the step, that is the solution I will keepping work on in order to solve this, is important first than all reinforce the calves to help them suport our entire weight, and with that reinforcement our soils will naturally get better too.
   Today I woke up and I couldn't walk, it is quite frustrating be like without feet but then I search for some exercices to my calve and went running again to the forest barefoot, after all this I feel better, just like yesterday. I feel some pain now in my legs because change of this unusual exercices. I know that change my step will be tought work but I really have to do it or I will scrued my entire sport life with injuries.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Day one.

   After first day pain didn't went away, I had quite bad day and I barelly could walking it was without any dought the worst pain I have ever felt, and I could not find any position to make it better. So I decided that I would take short run to try it and see if it was that bad, I went barefoot in soft terrain, try to use the front part of my feet because I knew that put the back part was mean of pain...I did first 10 minutes and it wend fine without much pain, and I decided to take some rest to because of my calf muscles, then I did 30 minutes more and again that amazing feelling of yesterday came to me and it was so easy again, sometimes when my feet was to down I felt it again, but then it was just a question of correcting it..
   It makes me little confused, because I can't walk without feelling pain, but then if I just make change on my step I can run without pain and easy? I was all those years making question in my head about my incapacity of doing it good when it was just a question so insignificant? Sometimes we forget to look at the little things, and this is lesson for me, I'm quite determinated to end this and finally run as I always should, but for now it is uncertain how it will evolve because injuries of this nature are complicated and can stay for several months...Well now after run I feel it little better, I'll try again tomorrow and we will see...


How should we run?

  Something that every runners may wonder is: what is the right position to run in order to avoid injuries and have a long running life. That demanding for the perfeect step is not new for me, and all over this year I always tried to change my position because I knew by myself I was wasting energy and it was prevent me to run faster, and the worst of all...I knew that later or sonner some injury would come and I would regret. Well that afirmation was not stupid and yesterday I felt like someone put a knife into my feet...I was running with my usually long stride and some little pain came to my soil, I thought it was insignificant because those little pains are normal in our trains, but then it started to grow and grow until the point I had to stop because i couldn't give a stride foward. So I had to do the rest of my train (25 minutes) steping just in the front part of my feet, and the magic cames! What I always knew, but I didn't believe, came to my front there: I was running without pain, and I was like...flying! and with no effort at all I did the rest at 3'23 like I was levitating.
   I never had such feelling before, and even now I can't almost walk and I know i have serious problem here, I know where is the solution and I will see more and more about this, this was always what I wanted: run fast and easy and now when the necessity came I was able to do it! Well worry no.1 now: fix this shit and try this step again!
   I'll continue to publish more stuff about this and good examples how this works!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rajamaen Rykmentti


    In the end of August, after I went Finland I was invited to enter in this finish club, Rajamaen Rykmentti. It was with great pleasure that I acepted it because it was the oportunity I was looking for long time, I just hope that I can honor the great name of RR and help me to grow as orienteer! :D


Friday, October 5, 2012

Fighting against the wall

    Looking again to the last year and think what I need to do this year I wonder how hard it will be and how much comitment I'll need to continue pursuit the higher levels of orienteering. For a orienteer that lives in the south countries be good athlete was never a option from the beginning, I'm from Portugal and I can confirm that, here people mentality just doesn't allow that, even in our small sport, where we should work for the same to improve the sport and start to get good results, seems that everyone want to fight for themselves and  defeat the other...well it is kind of sad when I see some kind of attitudes and it start to be more important to win races here in portugal than do something in the major championships, but nevermind I don't care anymore and after last year I just know that I can trust on my own capacities. It is sad when you cannot work from your country just because there is not any kind of good attitudes and where the athletes are trated almost as garbidge and the most funny thing is when we go outside and we can't do what we expected for us, everyone get up to tell that you did wrong...then you really see what kind of suport you can expect and that is why the biggest part of athletes with good chances or give up when they get university or at least they start to work alone based in some kind of strange hope that the impossible can happen, but still sometimes it can happen.
    To be more clearly, I always dreamed that I could be given a oportunity to get better, and finally I got it and I'm determined to acept it, this is me close many mouths that spoke against what I am and I hope this is present for them that now I'm this confident about what I will get with this. Well there will not be anymore empty promesses about this or that, it is time to end with "cute" conversation and do it, next year when it comes it will be there, visible for everyone.

Luís Silva

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last race of the season

   I had this weekend my last race of this season. It was unsual season because, as I referred in my last post I had to make it bigger this year in order to start training like an orienteering athlete and not like athletics and avoid disappointments like last summer...
  Well talking about the race, was the 2nd round of the iberian championships, a competition bettween Portugal and Spain. The 1st was in Spain some months ago, and now was time to the 2nd take place here, in Portugal. My performances were not as I expected or as I usual do, because I felt quite tired in all races and that is the reflex of handle with hard training for more time than I should, the terrain was the tipical pine tree forest with sand soil that is caractheristic of Leiria and the zone around so I hadn't serious mistakes but joining the heat my rhythim was really poor and I felt bad entire race, worse in the long. I was 1st overall, because I was regular, but this weekend I hadn't any victory...I was in my way to get it in sprint and long but due to serious mistakes I wans't able to keep the lead until the end. The middle was in quite fast terrain, and I did 5,6 km in 32 minutes but I started quite bad and I think that the map had the north lines little wrong so my azimuts were little bad...I did around 4 minutes mistake wich is something that I'm ashame, the terrain was easy I was just too headless. About the sprint quite tough race, with a lot of uphill...I suffered physically and my route choices were generally good until the end where I just took the wrong street wich meant lost 50 seconds and my lead. Finally the long was held in quite hard terrain, 11,1 km I toke it in 1'21. I can't complain that much because I did just a big mistake in the 3rd and I was able to do the rest with quite good options, but my speed? the end I think it was better if I did it walking.
   My conclusions are simple about this race: It is time to stop and the next 2 weeks will be a beloved rest that will be also good to dedicate more to my studies. Beside I'm mentally fresh physically the story is different and I know that with this new coach the things will be different so I have to be prepare to hold with the heavy training and keep my evolution.