Sunday, December 30, 2012

Portugal O'meeting 2013 - coming soon!

   To end the year I spent last 4 days in Idanha-a-Nova, place where Portugal O'meeting will be held. Next year my club will be the organiser of this big event that take place every year in Carnival time, and looking for the previous years our responsability will be great, last edition of POM took place in amazing terrains and the middle distance of WRE was elected as the course of the year, so find terrains at least so good as last year was a real challenge. Well but I think we found them, in this training camp we were doing some course tests and went over all map to check every control place and I can say that it looked like that I wasn't in Portugal anymore, the terrain of 1st and 2nd day will be Alentejo terrain, but the map for the next 2 days is absolutely amazing, and I can ashure to everyone that will not be easy challenge to go on there, I know what I suffered before I was able to at least run at moderate speed and navigate there and the word "simplify" gained new life on my head.
    So another year is ending, I already spoke about last year in the previous  post but if I had to describe what I feel about 2013 in some words I would say I feel ready and commited to do more, not in specific part of my life, but just do more. I don't expect easy things to come, or that everything I want will happen the way I want, I just expect of myself that I'm able to hang on and continue believe that I can do what I want of my life, this is my hope and everything what I wish in the next year.
    About this blog, well I don't know exactly the purpose of writing here, I thought about it many times and I wonder if I started this to tell here that I'm good when I have good results or give excuses when I have bad performance, I can say in the beginning it was little like that but now I prefer to write little more about my ideas about this world (maybe that explain why my readers are so few now :P) and share them with everyone, deeply is just a different way to speak and for me is the one I can do better.

Happy new year orienteers and rest of my readers!
from Luis Silva

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy memories.

   2012 is about to get finished. It is always interesting to stop and look behind our back, and I don't mean in a way that you divide your year between things you did right and you did wrong, but just remember every moment and try to live it once more before it really becomes past. But even every years are special I have to say that this one was big mark on my life, I've become universitary student and with my 18th birthday I'm grown in the eyes of the law. Maybe some of you wonder where is the special thing of enter in university or that you 18th birthday comes, it is all part of life stages, there is time for everything, be child, be teenager but then you have to acept when it's time to take is siriously and be happy with that. 
   For me this is the stage where I will trully define what the rest of my life will be, I've made important choices this year, choices that I can't go back on them and I just have to trust that I choose it right and even the result was or will be bad I have to believe I still can be what I want and this is just big way to go on it. 2012 was special for me, it gave me so much and oppened so many doors, I just have to take a risk and follow it.
   My semester is ending and honestly I'm really happy, now I know I will never regret the area I choosed because I really feel great on here and my attitude is really good, the exams will be tough part ok but I think after this 3 weeks of study I can say I'm ready to face it and get the job done. Other good thing is that I'm finally put good training on my baggage, I'm motivated for what comes next and I feel happy on do this.
   I can say my year is having a good end, I have to apologize everyone I harmed this year with my actions and words, I guess we all fail, and more important than anything I want to apologize about all I said about Eyoc and Jwoc, I never thought I would come to say this but now makes sense where was the problem, the problem was here, on this empty head, but I'm glad it happened for me it was hard lesson but I've decided that from there to future I would change my attitude and then speak about motivation and aims.
   Well what to say more? do I regret about anything? no! it was just another step on this big process that we call life and I just pitty the ones who are not able to look inside and makes their own lifes have some meaning. 2013 will come, as 2014 and guess what I will be growing always as I shall.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year for all my readers. :)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

"You have to start work hard!"

    The first weekend of selection camp and I was there just too conclude that there is no miracles. The senior level here is not the joke it used to be, those guys are working hard and to keep with them I had to be working the same, thing that I wasn't able to do, yet, enough. So looking for the 5000m results, I think I'm miles away from the front guys now. On the forest I felt good and even I was not fit enough I handle good with the hard trains but I fall dead in the second day on mass star, but something important was that my foot was ok and not hurting..
    Still about that "little" problem that has been making me be unable to train I finally found good doctor to check it and I hope soon enough I can comeback because I need! I just want to start training and strong, work for next season. The trains in the camp had high quality and they were quite interesting, I had general good technical performance, something I wasn't expecting due to the time I was without touch a map but I guess that my maturity in that subject is increase and I'm able to avoid simple mistakes and turn my navigation easy, yes the naviagation, I feel now I'm able to plan my route, not just follow the red line as always, and that is giving me some precious seconds or be able to, in group, get the mistakes of the others and go on.
     Under pressure, alone, I was able to navigate with the speed and safety that I thought I was far from, so maybe that can be good sign right? sign that when the work start to be done is just need to develope me physicall not so much technically. My next season is getting composed with some competitions, I will participate in Jukolla (finally!) representating my finish club, but for the next times I will be in Portugal O'meeting terrains testing it (I can ashure those are the best terrains you will ever see :p) and in janurary, after exams, time to go Finland for 2 weeks to relax with Anna (my girlfriend) and get more train on my wheels, this time on snow.
     So for now the things doesn't look so scary, as the semester is almost in the end (impressive how time pass...) and I'm almost getting back, see you around there in some forest!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back to the game

   After last race (national absolute champs) this weekend is place for the 1st training camp for the national selection team. It will held also the 5000 m test, which one I will not run...for physicall reasons, in fact I'm still waiting for the day I can run again free of problems, well it is not a problem. Anyway I will take this time to have the map on my hand and discover again the science of orienteering, no pressure, no competition just go around there alone and see what it has to offer.
   The programm is quite full, with night trains too which ones I always avoided but now I will finally go on it, bet on sacrifice. Weekend will be tough, I hope to survive..