Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost getting back to the sun!

   After last post I wrote I've not done that much, just training, training and more training and of course study for more exams. It has been quite strange experience to be here, relaxing in some way but I could say that the cold is just factor to keep people home and to leave for training is really big sacrifice, but I had to leave and I could do some good trains always in the forest full of snow, enjoy was difficult but at least I had to suffer something that usually i'm not used to do.
   Today, the pre last day here I went to do some trial 5000m run with my finish club, and it just went awfull because I'm such an asshole. I should knew that no one with so few training, alone and in the debut on a distance can expect to run a good time and I ended up to give at 4 k (12'40), I could had run the last k, but my head just betraied me once more and I lost the oportunity to go under 16. I think it was really good that I could fall this way, next time I will take it easier from the begin and I will not go like this and maybe I can finish my race, with assholes happen this way! First beat with your head in the wall and then maybe learn something. Glad at least I could do some training after.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Quote of the week!

"Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is the one who endures that the final victory comes."
-Guatama Siddharta
  In honor of my last week 100km of training in the snow!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finland journey - icy holidays!

   18 january, my last exam toke place and it was time to go take the plane, Finland was waiting for me! and my deserved rest too, after tough times of study I just wanted to find some place where I could rest my head and have some good time. Here may not be the perfect holidays due to the rigorous winter that is here, but now I think that this may can be a quite good experience, train on so tough conditions teach what is real suffer...
   Anyway, I arrived 19 at 00:30 am, and when I left outside there was a nice temperature of -25º and it was the strangest experience I had ever had because when it looked like I entered in my fridge and my feet and hands got cold right after, well hopefully I hadn't to stay outside that long but and in the next day when I went to the camp of my finish club (Rajamaen) I was thinking how could someone train with such temperature...well I didn't had to wait that much to discover how it was and after a soft morning on the gym, in the afternoon was time to do the first real train: uphills and 2 sprints after it. Dressed like I would be in one of the coldest days in portugal, I went training but still I was frozen and when I finished all train my face was white and my head hurting like I just hited a wall. Anyway it was a good train, and today morning we did 2 more sprints to end this training camp.
   Now I see how lucky I'm to live in Portugal, is almost impossible to train here in winter time, or at least you need to have such a great motivation that you can do it every single day. So maybe this will be good lesson for when I think on not leaving home for train. The camp was a really good experience and most of all, was really good to have contact with such good orienteers, because I know it will be only with this experiences that I can hope to improve more, I have to thank for all because if I was feel little "outsider" on there, they helpped me to integrate. Can't wait for next time!
   Time to be on Helsinky for the rest of the days, I will keep giving news, if I can survive with this cold...:D


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend double: 1500m/3000m

     Exams time, just study and study and more studying. I barelly found time for the rest of my things, maybe train and eat...and this weekend going for a double in athletics district championships  in 1500m and 3000m with 1 month of pre-season training. Well what to expect?
     Saturday was time for 1500m and I knew that wasn't impossible to do great time because I'm just too slow and things always work under some rules. Anyway I went to the run and I started carefully in middle of the pack, chasing the second and third guy (the first went on his own pace and ended to win alone) try to feel confortable but only after 200m of the begin I was loosing contact but for lucky other guy made the conection between me and the front and I was able to keep there. Around 1100m I took my chance and I kicked so damn so hard that anyone could follow me, but it was too soon and in the last 200m I fall dead and a guy came from behind to pass me and I got 3rd place in a tatic race. Time? I wondered, I thought maybe with lucky I had done less than 4'15 but when I saw it, I wasn't expecting at all 4'10, my best time for nearly 6 seconds. I knew that if I had kicked little later I would had gone for 4'07 which is a quite good time.
    After yesterday "victory", I had 3000m today and if I was feelling that good on shorter distance maybe I could go on my big ambition, go under 9' minutes. When I got to the track and I felt the wind and the rain I knew it would be tough mission, so I let my expectations little on my side and I just focused on coach words, follow the group until I can. There were some good runners at national level, so maybe I could have the luck of regular pace. Race started, I put myself behind the first 2 guys, 3'05 for the first km and everything was perfect, I was feelling good so I knew I could had gone really hard for the other 2 km's but I decided to stay behind and I just start to felt too good on there...not normal thing when you want good time and when I heard 6'20 for the 2 km (3'15 in the second) I just decided that I would not stay there and I give a hard kick to go away breaking the group, I hanged on but the best guy on the field waited and passed me, I didn't gave up and I continued hanging on for 2nd but in the last 200m again the punch came and I fall dead being passed for other guy. Result: 9'14 with last k in 2'54...with rainy day. What to complain about? nothing I guess.
   I just surprised myself this weekend, I'm training barelly for 1 month and it is not any specific. Well I guess the quantity of km were benefic for me because I felt resistent and confortable so good change this year! Next time we will see what can I do, my goals are there to be done and for now just go for exams and more train.