Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last post

  I'm done about write here, I don't see any more meaning about show an image that is not your real person. This space was fine because I like to write, but it brought me problems, much more than I wanted so it is an end, maybe not definitive but will be long one.
   In my last report I have to say that I got the sponsor of Inov and this week the training camp with RR was awesome and I could learn really much. For now I'm sure about one thing: I will do it fine.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good job!

    1st test and everything was fine so I guess it is time to looking foward and move up. Today in middle I aimed again to go simple and fast, simple was possible, fast I'm not sure because yesterday took a lot from me and I'm not with train enough to handle this, but I can't be sad as I acumplished my job and now I'll have oportunity to go for other training time.

   Now it is time to be 1 week training with RR and start to put km again on my legs, I'll look mainly on my technical performances to correct mistakes I usually do, and in the next race I hope to show new athlete. I will compete in the elit again! Let see what can I do.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The best performance

   The last few days, as I said, I was in Marinha grande training with the portuguese national team. It was important in the point I could recover from the POM and get ready for this competition, which is one small aim I have to see what I have to do to get the level I need for Jwoc. In the camp it was really good to be there with the portuguese team and also my coach, I could learn a lot and he could give me some advices for my orienteering technique. Is not that I'm bad orienteer, I can be fast on map reading but still if I want the best performance I have to look deep over all details, why I lose time and what could be done better. It was  days of that and today when the race finally came, in long distance of 11,2 km in hard terrain I had, what I can considerer, a good performance. I did 1:00:57, winning 4 minutes for the 2nd, but still was not perfect, I lost 1 minutes in a mistake and 3 other minutes in route choices.
    I feel I still have a lot to improve to get my own level, and something I'm really thinking about all the time is simplify, I realise that I will just be able to use all my speed if I learn to take it simple. is something I've been working since last summer when I was in Finland but now it is making more sense for me, because I want to get another step and that step requires that I look for the map with other eyes, that I can see those simple options that are hidden for almost everyone's eyes, and today was good lesson for that. I'm happy with myself, I think my attitude is much better as I'm starting to hear what my coach and people that know about this, have to tell me. I know that the image of me as professional athlete is far, but I can imagine it more and more clearly, I never thought to say this but I considerer to make my sport a priority, because I think I can do more and get higher levels of performance, but if before I was just dreaming about medals and glory, now I want to know more and more about how this amazing sport works and trust me, when I catch a map and I go out there it is amazing to run fast with it and solve those puzzles. It is a real mental exercise, every leg is a question for me and even all my answers are not always the best I think someday I will find the best one.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doping in the sport - Lance Armstrong and his confession

   Recently it had been in the mouths of the world the confession of one of the biggest sportman that ever existed that he used drugs to aid his incredible performances during all his competitive years. He was the winner of 7 tours de France, and also bronze medalist in olympic games, in his later career he almost died with cancer and his "cameback to live" as thriatlon athlete crowned the life of this incredible athlete that became a sign of hope for all cancer people in the world, but with his big fame came also the jealous, and he was said as a drug cheater even he never failed a single doping test, and now he just confess that he was really a drug cheater, after 100 million dollars and an incredible spread of his name, now he just put it on the mud, associated with anti-sportive attitude, cheater, acused of lie to everyone and not deserve anything he ever won in his career.
    It is quite easy to acuse this athlete, it is true he is a drug cheater and that is awfull to be done but is it really fair? all this pursuit for this athlete? no one question about how many top athletes are actually under doping, I would say that Lance is guilty but as he is, so many others are, but people just go over him because he was the best, call him lier, ok, but don't come to say he is the only one to do it, he just did what almost everyone do in his sport, and every sport where money has influence. It is incredible how more and more athletes work on laboratory and forgot what is the mean of hard and pure work, and it is just for more money. I never thought in using drugs to aid my performance and it would be ridiculous of my part that I would do it, why? it is prejudicial for my health and I can't give for my body what I couldn't get on my genes.
     Is just sad what money does for sport, it turn it a business and athletes are like objects that are made to get better performances and with that more money, we don't claim anymore the best athlete in the world, but only the best cheater. Sport is corrupted with the money, and the problem is that the world is also, no one can live without it and it gives power for the people that have it, if our idols aren't clean, the people that we look as an example and we admire, then everything is lost.

Orienteers and all sport lovers,

Orienteering wave coming!

   I didn't wrote a lot before this race weekend because I was little busy with one exam to do on friday but the truth is that one really big wave of orienteering is coming to me! It started with this weekend but next week will be Portugal O'meeting, the king event of our sport. I'm amazed with the visibility that this race already have and also the recognizement that people give for our sport, we are not seen anymore as a joke sport and we won our respect, my father - a guy that barelly could believe orienteering would be big sport here - was really impressed when the TV news showed how people of Idanha-a-Nova were preparing to welcome all orienteers in their hometown. I'm living in the transition period, when orienteering pass from a unknown sport to a very potential one, much more than other, and i'm really proud of making part of the organizer team, it took 1 year of preparations and plans to give live to this event and for sure it will be a success. About the strong that orienteering has here, well it  was just possible with the work of some people who put the "house in order" when it was all mess and desorganized and I'm glad that the most of those people are still there to hold it, I may had spoken against them but now I recognize I was wrong and even sometimes we cannot agree with everything, something I can't deny is if I have still sport alive is because of that.
   After the POM I still go to the select team camp, and then it is time for my first real competition, I'm not that entusiastic about this, because it will just show what I know already: I need to train, and hard. But the good news is that I still have training camp with RR in the week after, good to put some km's of orienteering and start to built myself propelly. Can't wait for it...but still there is one exam to get done and for now I will just worry about that.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good surprise!

   This weekend, officially, the portuguese calendar oppened with the North Alentejano O'meeting, a race that figure in our calendar since 2004, with the signature of GD4C (portuguese team) and with a middle distance counting for world ranking event. In my first competitive race since November I came up on men elite class, and of course I knew I would just go there to see how am I doing, because it is too early to compete with the world elite class guys, I tried anyway to give my best in both days and the result was for sure a positive surprise but also sign that there is more to do.
    After a tough week of training (I didn't rested for this) in the first middle distance was more less a disaster, not because of my position, but because I felt too headless. From the start I never felt really confortable with the map and I was running too fast for my orienteering level, so I was taking too many risks and the result was small mistakes everywhere, include direction mistakes in the end that made me lost around 2'30 minutes. A small analysis to the split times and I can see what I told, in the begin I lost too much seconds and even I could enter on the map later and do some good splits, the later mistakes took me the chance of have a good race. Anyway, 35'40 in 6,7km was not that bad but I was feelling little disappointed because I was making child mistakes. Still in that day I went to the night sprint race, held in Nisa. The official distance of the race was 3'6km but on the map was the distance of the best option, due to the organizer it would be around 5km, so I knew it would be tough. When I started I tried to use my sprint tatics and I ended up to do a good race, being 10th place in elite with a time of 17'14, around 1'20 behind the eventual winner, Frederic Tranchand. I was quite happy with my performance because even I didn't suffered too much I was able to keep a good pace, sign that my endurance got a ton better that it was before and even it was almost just running sprint I found interesting all those long legs, whose were quite good train. So I could save my day with this race, just had to wait for WRE and hope that I could do better.
    Next day I would be one of the first athlete to start because I never ran a world ranking event race before and so on I don't figure on world ranking. Anyway I was not afraid of the race and I was focused in doing it fast and without mistake, even I was tired I wanted to get out of this race with good feelling so I started strong and confident, I had quite good time in spectator and after that I gave my maximum and I could avoid almost mistakes, I just had small mistakes that maybe would take me 30 seconds. When I got to the end I had the 3rd best time at the moment, 32'50 for 7km middle, not bad I think, when Philippe Adamski made 29'16, and a deeper look on the splits made me see that I actually didn't lost that much in my free-mistake splits, even the long ones. I did my first pontuation, around 1087 points, so I won the day in my view.
   What means this? I hadn't a great performance in result, I was just the 5th portuguese athlete and I was 30th, even there were 100 athletes. I think doing this kind of speed on this distance was something light-years away from me in the last year, I also pushed a lot for myself and alone I could aford to do good splits, the second long leg I just lost 15 seconds for the first split, and physically I'm still too weak, portuguese level was really good and I lost 1'30 for the first portuguese guy. I'm not any sad, I'm young and I still have so many years to get better but still this was just factor to make my confidence get solid, I don't feel anymore as unexperienced or with lack of capacities, I think I have now good margin to improve and with this my primary aim now is work myself and improve, I need to improve before I can really look for something big, for now it is just time to prepare the plan.