Monday, May 27, 2013

An earlier end

  My orienteering season ended last week with the NC of middle and relay. It is little sad that I had to ended it with a DNF on the middle and a poor performance on the relay, that didn't allowed my team to keep the national title. I really can't understand what happened that from few weeks ago all I know to do is giving up and don't even try to be competitive. I thought on physical reasons but I guess my training is going fine, so I think I'm just going thought a difficult time mentally...don't know why but I have to do some choices and solve this problem as soon as I can.
  So Jwoc will not be a reality for me anymore, I'm just out because I know I will not deal with it. And I'll be also out of orienteering for few months, until I can see a really good reason to get back on there. I never expected choices to be easy, but all I know is that I don't want to be on there anymore. It is not positive when I let people full my head of shit and I forgot that I was really doing it because I just liked and I had some fun. When that ended I knew something was not going fine and my latest performances tell everything to me.
  I'll take this time out to dedicate myself for other things. I'll run, study and try to be close to the people who really care about me, I think that will help me to get to me again. After exams I'll be finally free to holidays! it is nice to see that so close..


Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Clash of the titans"

    Back to orienteering. This weekend I will be on the forest again, running the national championships of middle and relay. In the middle is where I expect to be stronger, and in the relay I hope to help my team to defend the title we earned last year. That will be difficult task as this year we'll face strong opposition from other teams, anyway it will give a good show and it will be quite interesting to see..I just hope we all can have good performances and keep it with us. In the middle I'll face the elite class again (as on the relay but there I'm not alone) and I just can expect for a fine performance as I'm not at the same level of the guys there. I'll be just happy to touch on the map again, as the last time were on the long distance and sprint NC..I'll be little rusty, but I'll take it out slow and carefully.

   Lot of things changed during last month that I've been training under the new coach. It takes time to get used to new methods, but I guess will be positive in long term to change some things and correct some mistakes that I made during last years. Due to the many km's I used to do my muscles were getting affected and with that my way to run, it is too soon to tell that now it is changed but for sure I feel some signs of improvement and run on the track is not so difficult now. I always wanted to learn how to run and now I think I will have finally my opportunity, after Jwoc I will look to project some aims on cross country and even on the track in order to improve more my running ability, for now I'll keep trying to look like the guys there..
  Ah! exams are coming...better be prepare for it!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

With the failures we learn

  Second try to run a nice 10k, second fail. I ran again the distance but this time on the road, and the final time was 34'53. Last weekend I just gave up, but here I made the effort to continue and don't get out of there with that shame.
  My week was good, and despite strong winds yesterday I was feeling good to run strong. My plan was to keep a controlled pace, something between 3'15-3'20 in order to deep under the 33 barrier. I started really fine, as I predicted, and I hit the 1st k in 3'12. In the first half I did 16'20 and all km's were balanced so it seemed to be good day but then my speed fell and I ended up in that time. What happened? There was anything that made me fall? No, I just run out of as simple as that. I was not with heavy breath or tired, my legs were just heavy because of the lactate and that happened because I was simply going too fast.
   I'm just not fit enough to run good 10k. Is not that I can't run fast but just because I'm orienteer doesn't mean  I have to be good long distance runner. I have speed, I have strength  I just don't have aerobic endurance to keep high speed for long time..naturally I'm already a middle distance runner, so that means and even without train I will not run a good 10k.
   I don't mean I can't run 10k, I already did more in training. I just mean that I can't run it at the same level I show in other situations. For example I can hammer short interval training like 15x400 and do it really fast but when it is 5x1200 I'm not as good as in the first, not even close, and the distance is the same. Young runners are supposed to be this way, fast and powerful, and going up on the distance takes years of train and endurance. I could force that now and do lot and lot of km's but I would compromise the future with that and I was risking an injury. I was wrong and equivocated about what I thought I knew, time to calm down and be patient.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brain damage

  Fuck me, what a disastrous weekend.
  Last weekend I was on the national 10 000m championships. My hope was to deal fine with the 25 laps around the track and get a time that would raise little bit my ego..but it all ended up when I stepped out of the track just after I passed the 6th km. Maybe I was just dizzy of so many laps and I made confusion between 15 and 25 or if I want to get closer to the truth I'd say I just don't have the wheels that I need to run it. I really tried to enter carefully and don't waste too much energy in the begin, and the plan was just going fine when I got 3'14 without getting harmed, but my head was just fighting against me and telling me to stop and go home, I could handle 6k with that little voice inside me but then it was just too difficult to stand. My week before that was just awful as I suffered headache, maybe caused by stress and not enough sleep, every single day and when I got to the day I wasn't on the mood to suffer.
   Well what can I say? It wasn't just the result I wanted and my ego, again, suffers a cut. The fact is that we all have sometimes our down times and the capacity to raise up is requested all the time. For now I'm dealing again with some easy and quality training, I just don't see myself under any pressure again...for long time this season I was under many possibilities and dreams of great things, but I guess there is the day when you just wake up to reality right?


Thursday, May 9, 2013

NC - Long and Sprint

   During last weekend took place the Portuguese national championships of long distance and Sprint. The map and the terrain used for the long race were already known as we were there in February, WRE race after Portugal O'meeting.
    I participated in the elite category, to help my club to get the national titles on those distances. Of course due to my age and a long distance of 16,5 km I would not be able to have that good performances, but anyway, I just focused on going with the pace I could handle and the most important: no mistake. I went out fine, maybe I was not that fluent on my orienteering skills because I didn't touch a map for long time before this race, but I tried to get all controls without lose much time. The plan went fine and my speed were controlled, the 6th leg was tricky so I tried to catch a good reference (you can check on my gps file), I ended up to see other runner and I went after him, making me lost almost 2 minutes.
   That was ok, 2 minutes is not big deal in a long distance, I just had to do the remaining course in good speed and without more loses. Next control we had to cross a pipe over a water line, it was the only way, from the 6th control I realized that there were a small shortcut through the dense green and I tried to got it, but I failed and I went all around to catch the path, that meant another mistake and 1:30 minutes for the first split. I got the control fine, now I could finally start to doing orienteering again without any more tricks but in the 8th control I did my biggest mistake (5 minutes) and that was ridiculous because it was obviously lack of map navigation. I ended up caught by the runner behind and I went with him until the end, finished in 8th place with a time of 1:39:03.
Some quick thoughts:
 # Orienteering isn't a sport that you get there with lack of map training and you navigate like a pro still.
 # Don't step up too soon, a long distance is a big deal for young runners. It was not too difficult but still the heat made me dehydrate a lot and in the end I was almost faint.
 #Attention to you "moderate speed" in the begin, is not stupid to start slow and then end up fast. I went out in a quite honest pace and I was navigate over my own skills. When the first mistake came I couldn't reenter on the map again.

   On the sprint race I was too tired to run fast. I went out good but soon I lost my power and my speed went down. Almost in the end I had a giant mistakes of 2 minutes and my race was over from there, sprint will never be my distance no matter what.  
   I just want to finish this post with some short commentary about 10mila. I was kind of sad/disappoint that I could not be there this year, it is always an amazing show of orienteering and not be there is heartbreaking. I give a praise of the junior runners who compete there and can get up to the top level, they made me see that there is no dreams for who doesn't give a honest effort to get that level. Jwoc will be tough and I already let my child dreams about that..