Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fine weeks

  Much time passed since last time I posted here. It wasn't because anything was happening on my life, I was just looking to find my way of getting out of the hole. I thought giving up on Jwoc would be difficult and big thing but I was surprised how good and easy it was, it was like a big weight I took of me.
  How deeper than this I had still to go to be satisfied? No more, this was what I was looking for, piece and mental rest. I'm too young to be pressured about such goals, train so hard and suffer so much.
  After this I thought my season was over and I just needed to study for a little more and then I could enjoy summer. I could not be more wrong as with the time I started to react to the train and I had some competitions again, but this time just running on the track, nothing more. I started with a 1500m, just to see where I could get without any specific preparation. I went to a race where were really good guys, I started with them and I did 1000m on the group (I passed there with 2'41) but then two guys left from the race and a gap was opened between me and the group and I had to hang on alone on the last lap, coming home with 4'06 and much more to give but still really satisfied because that was the turn over I needed to regain some confidence.

  One week after I competed again, this time on 5000m. I wasn't particularly happy of going run such distance, I knew I was going to struggle and the problem was that I was in a really competitive field, fighting in the national track and field clubs championships, where what counts is the place you get on the race. My coach gave me instructions to don't take any risks and just sit back there in a group trying to get 15'35. I started relaxed and soon I got my position behind the 2nd group as the 1st was too strong for me, 1st k was hit in 3'03 and I thought I wasn't suffering at all but I was scared I struggle with the fast pace. 2nd and 3rd came in 3'08 and the 3k mark was 9'20. From there finally I decided to take the risk and I broke way from the group of 8 runners. It wasn't my plan to give that sprint, as first I just moved next to group leader shoulder but then I saw a runner some meters ahead and I thought that maybe I could get him and I went, I passed him and I found myself alone. I did the last 2 k's in 6'06 on my own to get 15'26 and the guys from the group never came to catch me, there were some juniors so I'm happy I got the 2nd best national mark of the year.

  It was for sure a good time for a 1st time in this distance, but I'm surprised because I thought I would never get to such time that easily. I felt like I could get to the 15'00 barrier, even alone, as I was running with scare of push harder. 2 days after I run again that distance on the road, but this time alone and with some climbs I did 15'32.

  Everything seems to go on the right direction, and getting far from somethings just helped me. This weekend I'll go down the distance again with a 1500m and 800m to gain some speed. Next year will be more about this, feels right to be running without feeling stuck and I want to continue.