Thursday, July 25, 2013

The highlights of my season

  My season is finished, and as always I like to look behind and see what I did, where it brought me and if it was right.
  I guess I didn't have anything acumplished. I was little lost from September until November, when I suffered some injuries on my feet. I insisted that I suffering from my running technique and I started to change that, it was hard thing during this year but I guess it is working as I didn't suffered more injuries and I'm running considerably better. Finally in december I started to train and checking my train from there until now I predict that I did around 2500km of running, not including other types of training. I don't know if that is lot of km's, but for sure some months I was doing a lot of work and the worst was that I was doing it alone without the proper supervision. For sure my levels of endurance came up, but that only last couple of months before I started to suffer of tireness.

  I had some good races during the season. It was good experience to come up to the senior class, but after some reflection that was too soon, as I felt lot more pressure. Anyway I like to remember good moments and in february I was for sure with a really good shape, if I could be close to that in june I think jwoc would be seen in other way.
  Again I think I got too soon on top shape and I shouldn't but I can't avoid it, motivation is always big in the begin but then it start to decrease. It is strange because the harder training just came after and I was not running that much before february, so I think my attitude was the secret. When I was in Finland, the trains I did there with that cold...well I guess it was really hard and translate it to a hot warm it would had been really good speed. I think my problem is starting too fast, always give too much instead of taking it easy. Must start SLOWER!

   About running, this was a good year. In the end I was able to give a turnover and I dedicate more on track and field. I was never a track runner because I was used to run on the forest and that made me too heavy, as I like to say: "I was like a tank on the road" and even I was strong that wasn't so good. Incredible was the change I took in 2 months, thanks to my coach and I posted personal bests from 800m to 5000m. 1:58,13, 4:05,67 and 15:26,60. Those are not great time but I could have done it so much better if I trained for that. I think I'll cute much more seconds from those times.
   Next year for sure it will be different. My focus changed as now I'm looking more for running, this is not a: "Im leaving Orienteering ". No, never. I just want to develop myself as much as I can and alone I cannot do it, the only chance is with a good coach, good in the meaning I can see him almost everyday and he can tell me what to do and where to improve.
  That means that for now I just can do it on running. I don't think is easy to understand this choices but..well I just look for the future.

Luis Silva

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nice :D

  Wednesday: 800m, friday: 400m, saturday: 1500m. All those 3 races took place during this week. I was rewarded with a good personal best at 800 and a savy race in the 1500m.
   The 800 were held in a very competitive race. I knew I had to play hard if I was going for a good time, and that is what I did. My start is always slow, but this time I said I wasn't going to be gapped and I went to catch the front guys, I was on the shoulder of the top 2 guys and I just fadded in the last 100m which brought me a 1:58.13. I was for sure on the route for 1:57ish and that is kind of weird for me because I didn't think that in my second experience in this distance I was going for that time :D, but I miss train so I was happy that I had a strong attitude.

  Friday worked as a preparation for today, I did a weak time: 54.20, but that was my first time in a 400 and it was cold and windy night, my body just didn't reacted. Anyway I acept what I got and for sure in the future I want to improve my speed.

   Today was the important day, very good field but a awfull day. Strong wind, and that was for sure a really factor. The race started fast and I was in the end of the group try to find a normal rythm. As the race followed up I was climbing positions and I was not so far from the front guys. I worked really hard to stay there but it was impossible not to fade on the last lap as I was working alone. I passed with 2:40 at 1000m and I ended in 4:07. It was a big death but considering the conditions and the position I end up I really believe it was a sub 4.

  Is this the end of the season? I guess so, tuesday maybe I'm going for another race of 1500m. I'm really enthusiastic to go there because I want to get close to 4 minutes.

Luis Silva

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer time!

   I missed to write here! After my exams I was finally in holidays mood and I've been relaxing and enjoying good time with friends.
   It is not usually for me to be free so early in the summer, usually I would get some international competition and I would still be on fire until july. But this was not a usual year and many things changed so I saw the Jwoc from home, it was different experience, I felt kind of sadness but for other side was good because I felt that orienteering still gives me motivation. For other side I knew I was right of not being there, it was a right decision for the future! Still I was glad to see how good portugueses went there, propz to all them and thank you to give a good image to Portugal!

  After this, it was time for an incredible Woc, where I saw the portugueses beating every best result we had ever had before. It was really nice and it made me very happy that finally someone that was capable of getting good results could deliver it on the moment. I guess it was a really big step into the future, a sign that beside difficulties there is still motivation to get results, so another big propz for all 4 and the coach!

  About me and my training, I still continue to train. I resumed it to easy runs and track workouts, major speed workouts. I was still aiming for a weekend race to end my competitive time and get the rest I need, and that happened this weekend where I went to participate in a 1500m and 800m. My aim was to beat personal bests, and that was what happened as I cameback home with 4:05.67 and 1:59,55. I guess I wanted little more but I never ran 800m before and in 1500 I did some mistake.
  The 1500 was the race I knew I had to push to have a good time, the guys there had moreless the same level so I had to work. 65 for the 1st quarter, 2:10 for 800m, 2:42-2:43 for 1000m which mean the race was paced good. I pushed the first 800, than I let myself get little behind in order to have something in the end, but that was the mistake as 2 guys passed me and give a push which left me alone, I worked hard in the last lap to get them but I just could end right behind one of them.
  In the 800 today I guess I was afraid, I started fast and I tried to cover the fast early pace. 58-59 range at 400 and I started to push harder in the last lap but I was afraid to blow up and I ended with something left on the tank. I was happy anyway, because I never did ran that distance so be able to start under the 2 minutes line has to be motivating for me.

  Well, I still have one more race on wednesday, another 800 and after that I will continue moving until 31st july where I hope finally to stop for a while and start to think on another season. Until there see ya!

Luis Silva