Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last breaths of summer.

  Time flies.
  I see the end of my holidays coming fast, but I can't regret. I had good holidays, I could rest at home and dedicate myself doing other things and have new experiences.
  There were days where I was just lie down on computer, but with happiness I was able to get out of that lazy life and make myself active person again. I cycled to the beach, I swam there, I enjoyed good time with my friends, I went to discover pleasures of life I cannot meet during the year. So it worth, and I'm glad for that.
  It was good decision to stay at home this year and don't go on jwoc. I was little afraid I could regret my decision but not at all, it was so peacefull to get out of that world for a while..sometimes I felt like my life was dependent on the success I could get from there. Like I forgot how it was doing sport for simple pleasure. It is easy to talk about it, but in fact I think it is difficult to actually enjoy it when you have your head overloaded with those thoughts of results and that kind of crap. I know I would never call it that in the past, but time changes, as metality does as well.

  What about now? I'm little reluctant of leaving this kind of life behind, without big worries, but I guess I'll have to build up my routine again, this time, hopefully, more efficient. My season already started, but it wasn't like the past years whereI would just choose a day and say I would start to work hard, I just took long time to restart my engines. Slowly I started to cycle, at the begin just few days in the week. Then I started to run some few days, but still doing much less than cylce. Now I'm doing it everyday, but more running and for strenght I started to practice Muay Thai lessons, which I like because I can train my fight skills (kidding!) and also 'cause of the hard endurance work we do there. Later this month and next one I will start to run everyday and dedicate my atention on there, but I'm sure I made good decision on going really slow from the begin.

   My speech suprise me because I always find a way to forget the past and look on. I will never erase it. This blog is the proof, I did lot of mistakes and I payed for most of them. But at least I can look now and see that with time age seems to make me wiser and see things on other perspective.
   There still so many years to learn and see much more, I'll be glad to enjoy those.