Saturday, September 7, 2013


  My 2nd year is almost there! I know big wave of work is about to coming, my timetable is terrible! but that doesn't scare me, on the opposite of last year I know exactly what I have to do if I pretend to get the job done.
  Another big change will happen here. I will move finally my baggages for Lisbon, the city where I study, That will make everything so much easier, ok not everything..but at least I'll be close to my training place and my colleague, and that is the 2 major things I wanted to have!
  I'm training now for about 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks were nothing more than free running, but september brought more seriously training and I'm struggling little coming back to the usual training routine. Well I have a minor problem on my left leg but at least nothing compared with last year. I train now, more often, with my group and I have to say that with them things are so much easier! When it comes to a interval training, nothing better than do it with someone on your side, or even on your front.
   What is being different? Well as I said, I feel another purpose for running. I'm so much stronger than last years and that is making all difference on my daily routine, I hope I can carry this and in the end of next year I'll have another good stories to tell, another mistakes to point and much more to improve.