Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time, where are you?

  Gosh! time seems to run always faster than me. Some time passed since last time I posted here, not because I didn't wanted to write, but just because I couldn't find a little to come here and post some news.
   My life changed a lot, now I live in Lisbon, not alone but almost, and with that new responsabilities came to me. I've been doing serious work to keep in touch with my course, but it's being so hard this year..I always end up the week with nothing left and always wishing for a good rest, but most of the times that's impossible due to the work I have to do.

  Well, what I've been running these months? Not that much, I've trained, sometimes less than I should, but the essencial is that I felt some improvment and I can take that. I had 2 competitive experiences, road of course, first was in the begin of september, a 10k race and then it was a 5k race. I felt good on both, time were not so important but I wanted to remain competitive and I did that, so those were good experiences.
   I'm a bit worried that I'm not training that fine now, but I will not worry too much. Every year, by now I had already a lot of train on my legs and that eventually would make peak too soon, so this year I really hope to feel the peak as late as possible.
   My aims are not clear right now, I think I'm just looking to compete more and better, but of course I will not waste de 2014 European championships on my home land! I'm trying to not focusing particularly on a specific competition, I don't want another disapointment, but as I said I want to see how far can I go, with no pressure. First of all I need to find a routine, I've been having problems with time, but mostly I think that it is because I'm not being organized and that, for sure, I'll improve.

   I'll give news, I will have some activity in the begin on November and I really hope to comeback with good news!