Monday, November 11, 2013

Good signs

  Hi there! November is there, and my time just runout with the amount of work that came..2 frequencies, lot things to study and lot of nights sleeping bad. University life!
  Well I found time to write here because big thing happened this weekend, it was the first big XC race of winter season and the first of two that serve to choose the guys that will be present in the European XC race championships, in December.
  My sport life isn't going great, I'm missing several days of training due to the lack of time and I guess that relfected yesterday on the race. Whatever, I have to dedicate most of my time to the studies, that is my choice. Well, the race started fine, I knew the competition would be fierce and I had to be ready to fight hard, 6,5km of race was waiting for me and to handle that you have to know you'll suffer. I was back there on the group and in the 2nd lap I caught the front guys and I stick there until the 3rd lap, when I faded back and eventually in the 4th and last lap I would lose some more places until my final classification, 13th.
  I guess I should be disappointed, but why? I tried to win, I give it a shot and I wasn't just back there waiting for an oportunity to grab the 6th place. There is no shame on trying, I felt good so I was on the front, of course I paid my effort but what if I was in a good day and I would be able to stick there until the end? I would never know.

 My pace was quite fine, I did the 6,5km in 19:55. That was a 3:08 minutes/km, that is so much more I ever done before. I'll have another shot 24th November, I'm sure I can do better than this and I'll go for it.

Luis Silva