Friday, December 20, 2013

Where have you been?

     Another damn year is coming to an end. Time still goes so much faster than me and it seems I've lost the sense of it, there is 5 days for christmas and I still don't believe it!
     My months have been full of studies, in november were the frequencies and in the december after the tests finished much more work came. I've been doing all it and for now I just have to worry with the upcoming exams in january, well that is what I call a "dog life".

    After that first cross I've done 2 more races: Other cross and a road 10K. The cross went again good, but I was too tired from not sleeping, anyway I felt again the evolution and improvement. It was 7,4km that I did in 24 minutes. The terrain was tough and there were lot of climbs, but I managed to fight and not to stay far from the front. Competition was fierce again, and the best national runners were there, I was fighting for 7th position but in the last lap I fadded to 14th. It wasn't too bad, I just got 35 seconds from the 4th place so in a better day things would be different!
    Last weekend I did a 10k on the road, I did a personal best: 33:10 minutes. It was kind of disappointing time, I've been doing good track workouts and I would expect something on the 31:30-32:30, but I make no excuses, neither road nor long distances are my strenght (yet) and I find difficult to handle such distance. I'm sure I'll have good wheels for a 3000m in january.

   Training is not going that fine, I lack of motivation. My life turned very hard this year and train alone almost everyday is really difficult..shall I blame myself? Keep this routine is very hard when you are just moved for love, there is the need to see something more. I don't find any support, but I prefer to keep it low than stop at all. I'm pushing my will to the extreme, maybe it is time to rethink.

Luis Silva