Sunday, January 26, 2014

8 months after..

   That was the last time I touched a map. This weekend I got back to a orienteering race, the first in several months. I really was kind of scared, mostly because I knew I wasn't with any kind of preparation and also because I cameback to compete on elit class in a race that counted with the presence of Daniel Hubmann and Thierry Gueourgiou.
  I could have gone to junior class, maybe it was the logical thing to do after so many time out, but I wanted to make a general evaluation of myself to know what I had to change in the next 3 months, until the European champs come. Well I acepted the challenge and in the first race I was just terrified, I warmed up and I waited, asking many times if I would be able to finish my race, this can be exagerated thing to say but on my head I was used to be on a certain kind of level and I knew that automatically I would start with the same speed I ever started before, and I knew that doing that, in this condition would not be the best idea. Anyway, I went. I heard the familiarly decrasing bip and I left the start place turning my head down to read the map. First control was thricky, and as expected it went horrible, I stopped several times and I was not able to read completly the map, maybe I expected it but seeing it become reality was awfull. I finally got it and I did the 2nd control with more confidence, then it was just waiting for the end.

  My race was horrible, I did the 7km in 42:23 with around 5 minutes of big mistakes, not counting with the small hesitations and my phisicall condition. Daniel Hubmann did 31 minutes in the same course and my feeling wasn't the best one, I was the entire race suffering and when it was a thricky control I would just be around it losing time. Lesson learnt, orienteering is not just a running sport .

  Afternoon of that day. Sprint race took place in Castelo de Vide, a map well known by me. I know any kind of sprint race there would going to be hard and difficult but I decided, after morning race that I would push and give my best in the rest of the weekend. I went out fine, my options were not the best ones, but at least my result wasn't awfull again and I was able to do an average performance, even I don't enjoy sprint that much.

  Today was another middle distance, more technical than yesterday. Finally I started to be the old me and doing some orienteering, even better than it used to be. I felt more mature and this months out proved to be what I needed to rearrange my head. Phisically I suffered again too much and I even had to slow down the pace, that is the sign that I have to run few more km's a week. I did 42:04, again in 7km, but compared with yesterday was a much better performance.

  I really missed the forest. Orienteering is still an amazing sport, I feel sorry that sometimes there is other factors that afect that, but being on there is much more than competition, it is about like it. Every control comes as a problem and you just look to solve it the best way you can, and there is no better feeling on doing it good.

Luis Silva

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year's resolutions

      First post of the year. It's true, I was out of here more than 3 weeks, why? It is a simple reason: I'm studying like a dog! 2014 came in the way that 2013 ended, with more work and study to do. I've been literally spending every single day working to get my job done and the task is not that easy. I would like to say I'm doing the same with my running, but I just can't! It is hard to train more than 5 times a week now..and I know that is not even close to what I should do. Anyway, choices are choices!
    Even I can't train that much, 2014 brought me good motivation to start doing more orienteering, I confess I miss the feeling of going around all country running in different forests. I'm really looking foward to get back on the trail and get ready to the EOC and Jwoc. It was good to be far and forget orienteering for a while, I needed a self-shake to see what was important  in my life, I put my studies in front of everything but sport for me is a complement on my life and I hope I'll never be forced to give up on it. In the future I'll never know if with more time I can dedicate a little more and pursuit some old dreams!
  Well what I've been doing beside study? I've been in 3 races I think. In December I ran a S.Silvester, I did 16:45 to complete the 5,6km of race. It was good speed, and I was glad for it. In the begin of the year I did a short race, 1000m, and even there were bad conditions I did a good time of 2:36, and finally last weekend I did a 10k race in 34:23 (gps:10190m).
  I'm still not a good road runner, even more in long distances. I really got a surprise in the 1000 because I've not done any speed work and still I could show some speed. I am and I will always be a strenght runner, I can have the speed but to be long distance (athletics language) runner I needed to change completly my natural way. I would never put a long race in pair with orienteering race, I would choose a mid-distance because in both you need a lot of strenght as equal as endurance.

See you next time!
Luis Silva