Monday, April 28, 2014


   After European I've bee trying to comeback to normal routine. I've not recovered yet, but I didn't stopped my training that much which has been mistake as I don't feel any recovered and worse, I got sick. Anyway, after such big competition is good to feel down and look again for new aim and I'm already thinking on Jwoc, but step by step. There still 3 months to train and prepare, so that is lot of time.

   What's next? Next will be history for me, I'll be for the first time on my career in Tiomila relay! For long time I ambitioned to be there and finally it was possible this year. Ah I didn't wrote about it yet but I found a very good club, Ms Parma. They gave me a big oportunity which I shall be gratefull and honor from now on that oportunity. I have to recognize that if you want to get better, it is necessary for you to get a nordic club. The orienteering force is there and also the best terrains in the world, I was lucky that, even being so far, a club oppened their doors for an unknown athlete like me but with lot of will to get better. I couldn't ask for any better on this age! So this means I'll have the chance to compete more on nordic countries, which will for sure help me get better.

  For now I'm back to training, I raced on Thursday, on a relay. It was legs of 1500m (1480m gps) and I did the first one. I waited for the final turn and I kicked hard. Simple I guess, final time? 3:49. Barelly a 3:51 to a 1500m, that's crazy personal best is 4:05 and I did 14 seconds less :D. Yesterday was another road race, this time 5K. The course was crazzy and difficult, the field was really good and at least I was able to stay in good position even I never touched the lead. Final time? 15:05-15:10, That's wonderfull, my Pb is 15:20!
  This was suppose to be a down time, and it still is. At least I'm not training at high level and I'll keep that on May!

                                        Follow the leader they say...

Luis Silva

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eoc Analysis - Middle Final

  Now I give a jump from the sprint qualification, what happened in the sprint was very simple. I fall but I got up very quickly, I didn't hurt anything, so how can I lost almost 3 minutes in the next 3 controls? Easy answer. I was not dealing with the pressure and the smallest thing was enough to lose my focus on the race. Cause? Inexperience. I'm just not used to be on great competitions and I'm not able to deal with external situations. For sure in the future I will be prepared to be calm after stress situation, but I guess we have to fall first to learn.

   Middle Final. My motivation came up again, for the first time on those championships I didn't had pressure and because of that things went better. I already spoke about it on other post, so I'll just make the analysis of my race.

Total time Time behind Position Leg time Time behind Leg position
02:38 +0:20 -55 02:38 +0:20 -55
03:38 +0:24 -55 01:00 +0:07 -58
05:16 +0:32 -43 01:38 +0:08 -25
06:25 +0:43 -46 01:09 +0:15 -82
08:19 +0:54 -33 01:54 +0:15 -25
11:45 +1:17 -32 03:26 +0:24 -42
14:47 +1:35 -32 03:02 +0:18 -38
15:26 +1:35 -29 00:39 +0:01 -5
18:00 +1:50 -32 02:34 +0:21 -65
19:46 +2:00 -30 01:46 +0:12 -39
20:18 +2:00 -28 00:32 +0:01 -2
21:19 +2:01 -28 01:01 +0:04 -10
22:47 +2:11 -30 01:28 +0:12 -49
23:36 +2:18 -30 00:49 +0:11 -92
26:02:00 +2:32 -32 02:26 +0:17 -52
27:03:00 +2:37 -31 01:01 +0:06 -19
28:35:00 +2:48 -33 01:32 +0:14 -60
32:36:00 +4:39 -56 04:01 +1:51 -110
33:14:00 +4:35 -51 00:38 00:00 -1
34:05:00 +4:39 -51 00:51 +0:05 -36
35:37:00 +4:49 -51 01:32 +0:10 -50
37:01:00 +4:54 -50 01:24 +0:08 -25
37:19:00 +4:56 -49 00:18 +0:02 -19

Few points of analysis
# I was little surprised how fast the winner started. I took 20 seconds on the first split (!) and I don't lose any time. It just tells me how serious they take this. I ran hard from the begin and still I lose lot of time.

#As the race goes on my splits improve. The hardest part for me is between 2 and 5km, I know I can't go too hard or I will blow up. I need to save some energy to fight in the end and I was able to do that when I had downhill. I do some good splits, but is noticeable between 20min of race and when I do my mistake a slowdown.

#Good finish. After a mistake you shall never let down your arms, win the next split is always a good console!

   This race shown me where am I now. I guess that without that mistake I would lose less than 3 minutes for the winner, which would be awesome, but still is a long way to cross over. This guys take their job seriously and be one of the best in the world will not be easy. I never expected it to be anyway.

Luis Silva

Friday, April 18, 2014

Eoc Analysis - MiddleQ

   Eoc is over. Time do start a detailed analysis of what I did there and then get over it. I competed 5 times there, middle qualification, sprint qualification, sprint final B, middle final A and finally relay and all I can say is that I never ran so many days with so much intensity. I don't remember of finishing any race with the feeling I couldn't give anything more and that is why I'm happy with my performances.
   Lets start with middle distance qualification,

Middle distance qualification, 5.7 km - 21 controls.

  This was the first race of my European. I started almost in last, but that wasn't reason to be motivated to get the final. I knew I had to do orienteering in a high level to nail it, but for sure I wasn't expecting what I saw after I checked my splits.

Total timeTime behindPositionleg timeTime behindPosition 

Quick takes:

#You just don't start your races winning the first split. I had no idea how fast I was going but I never expected that to happen, this is not a junior championship. This is senior level, here I'm competing equal to equal with guys like Daniel Hubmann and Thierry Gueourgiou, you just don't do all those splits on top 10.

#I was clearly out of my level. How can you see that? Check the mistakes I did on 3rd, 6th, 14th and 19th controls. I take that time and I'm good enough to be on top 10, which I never needed to be on the final. So I guess I tried too hard and too hard is not good when you are on your first senior competition.

#Physically I had a big boom and that is quite clear in the last controls. I have no idea of my levels and still I cross them fearless. This is a mist of good and bad thing, good because I can come up some levels on the right time, bad because the opposite of coming up some levels is going down some levels too.

There is no shame on trying. I tried and I suffered the consequences, end of story, so move on. I have to be proud of my performance, running on this level is different and I'm still junior. I know that I just need to work and wait and it will pay off.

Luis Silva

Monday, April 14, 2014

Uh Uh! :D

  Good things first! I will tell everything, soon, about what has been my Eoc, but now I will pass ahead and tell everything about today, because for me it was a very consistent performance that I shall be very happy about.

  After middle qualification wrong control was decided that all athletes should run the final, so I guess it was kind of 2nd chance I had to get it right and get up of my latest performances. The starts were ordered by world ranking position, so I was in the first start block. No problem at all, I felt it would be a good day or at least I didn't care too much and I was just about to start a fun race.
  Being on this situtation of pressure is difficult to handle, after middle Q and sprint Q my motivation was not the best one, but a few words from a very good friend before the sprint final helpped me to realize he was quite right and that I should get motivated for middle final as my qualification race was very good. I had 2 major mistakes but in general my splits were very strong. I used that to not get pressured in the final and so on.

  My race started, rythm was high but I got first control with safety. I will not tell about every controls because I could not have done any better, I ran a controlled race and everything went right. I was in 32th position on 17th control, almost in the end but then I lost my head and I did a big mistake on 18th. At least I had good push until the end and I finished my race on 49th position.

  There is not much more to tell about my race, it was just a perfect race beside one control. I could not ask much more. I did the 7,9k in 37:19 minutes with a mistake of nearly 2 minutes, Daniel Hubmann did 32:30 to become the new European Champion! Without that mistake I would have lost between 2:30 and 3 minutes for that man. That is just amazing for me, this is a big motivation for the future!
 There will be still a race left for me, the relay. I will cover the first leg! Let see if I can come with the front group!

Luis Silva

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eoc 2014

  Yeah, Iwas selected to run in the European. After coming back on January there was a long but still so short way to go. Short on time, long on getting myself in shape. Now if I look back there's nothing I could do better, I'm proud I was able to get back on orienteering and still be able to keep a tight balance between being athlete and student. That wasn't for sure "cheap", I gave up from the rest and basically I studied and trained, it seems simple thing to do when written, but for me I just had to keep thinking that in long term I will benefit.
  Being on the European was the "rope" I found to get motivated for further aims. I know very well what takes to compete with the best athletes in the world, and for sure I doesn't have it still, I'm young, unexperienced and above of everything, I'm not professional, but still  that wasn't reason to don't do nothing and on this 4 months I did what I could to improve and I guess I just have to be happy with where I'm now.
  I was selected to run the distances I wanted, middle and sprint. Giving a quick look on the distances, the qualify race for middle will be between 5,7-5,9km, so I don't have any reason to don't be motivated, I just run 15'20 for 5000m 2 weeks ago, and believe it or not I got better. I know in the right day (I hope it'll be tomorrow) and doing a good orienteering the final doesn't seem too unlikely. For sprint, I will give it a shot, I'm not gifted on running sprints, honestly I think I just do good sprints sometimes because with my running skills I think it has to work out sometimes. Anyway, there is 17 places on each heat, I don't feel any obligation of get anyone of those, I'll be happy of just giving my best effort.

   Ah that's right, tomorrow is the first race but still I'll have still 2 classes of good physics (waves and optics, and moder physics) this afternoon and after that I'll join the select team. Well, I found it a little bit strange in fact, being so close should make me nervous but at the same time keeping the same routine as always keeps me calm on waiting. Other thing I cannot stop thinking is that tomorrow, running the European I'll running on my yard, and literally on my yard as the event center will be on my town on my old school. I left that school 2 years ago, but I hold a lot of memories about that place where I first started orienteering, where I kept my training place for years, very far from orienteering world, and now it comes right there, on my home.

  I always kept two different lifes. The life I take on races and important championships but when I cameback home there was always the simplity of being just one more person, and now I'm joining both. I think I'll keep the simple person, it always takes the best of me.

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