Sunday, May 11, 2014


  Yesterday I tried to beat my PB at 1500m. After I did that time on the road I guess I was ready to bring it down under 4 min. The race had very good guys in so I thought I had a good chance to do it, but finally the tireness paid off. After the European I intended to bring my fitness down, it never happened as I continued to compete. I felt tired anyway, but still good races were coming so I didn't stopped.
  When I warmed up yesterday I didn't felt in right mode to run, but I wasn't feeling weak on my legs so I thought maybe it would be just pre race nervous. When I started it I worked my way trought the front and I got it, I heard 63 for the 1st quarter, 2'06 for 800 and I think I passed 1000 in 2'38. I was alone with the 5 fastest guys in the front an we gapped the rest of the field so I just had to hold on there. I ended up to lose contact and in the last lap I tried to kick as I was feeling strenght on my legs to go, but that kick never came and I stepped out at 1250m. Right when I stop I felt dizzy due to low blood pressure, and with few explanations for what just happened.

   I wasn't on my day of course, it was quite hot and windy day I acept, but still I already finished much worse races. My legs were fine, aerobically I wasn't even tired. This was just mental tireness..I had already the experience of last year but still, I don't learn! I need to stop keeping pressure on it, I will for sure back off and reunite it all again.
   There has been long time since I gave up from a race. I'm happy I'm not physically hurt, I'm just burning out on mental level. At least I know what to do now, but still it was a good warning!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tiomila adventure

    Eksjo, Tiomila2014. I was there! Now already coming back home I find time to write about it. My travel started on 1st May, I was all day travelling from Lisbon to Helsinki and then from Helsinki to Suomosjarvi, a small town near Turku. I stayed that night in Samuli's house (Ms Parma team coach) where I enjoyed the nice hospitality from him and his wife! Next day morning we went to a place near Turku where I made a training on map to see how I was doing. Not too rusty! At last I didn't forgot my navigation skills on nordic countries. It was really nice to feel that excitment again, of being run in a real forest, and it was also my first time orienteering with snow falling over me. That day night we caught the boat to Sweden, and it took all night to get there.

   Next day morning we had to woke up 6am and we left to Eksjo, where competition was held. That afternoon I did a slow train on model event map, in company of Peeter Pihl, one of my teammates. I was about to enter in Tiomila for the first time and my leg it was no other than the first!There isn't many runners who can say they felt actually a mass start of this relay. My starting position was like last line, so it made it even more difficult. When the start signal were shout by the speaker I noticed one of the most barbaric things ever. All runners were running like animals, at their maximum speed, no mercy for anyone, I saw people climbing rocks, trees, everything they can to get on the front! everyone wanted a front position and there was no barriers to get it! I saw several runners fall on my front, I knew if I stepped wrong the same would happen to me, it was run or die, as simples as that.

  I finally managed, after climbing and coming down of a giant hill, to get into a group and it was time to get to the front..the problem was that I was already gapped at the start so it was dangerous for me to push so hard, but still I almost caught the front guys and when we left the road to enter in the forest it was such a relief! Finally it slowed down..I caught the first control very well, I think I was on the top position. Then the second I messed up as I tried to take a own option, but still, there was always someone to follow.

  From there until the end was just follow and push, avoid mistakes and get the right controls! Near the end I was in quite good position, I think I was in the leading "train" but then I crushed my knee into a rock and I saw it bleeding quite badly..I was not able to give a step! I started to panic as the finish was so close and I saw so many people going trought me.. I continued, but I was going to slow and still screaming of pain. Anyway I managed to deliver it in 54th position about 2:40 behind the first guy, who was actually a spanish friend, Antonio Martinez! I did the 8,7km in 48 minutes.
    I think I could have delivered it about 1 min behind if there would have been
no crushing. Which would be a very good first experience! Anyway I was happy, my knee was hurting but was not sirious as it indicate first.
    Was it time to say goodbye? No! I still had the 9th leg to run on the next morning. I just slept about 5 hours and at 6am I was already on the forest again to run 15,4km. This time it worked as a long training as I didn't pushed at all. But still I didn't avoid mistakes in technical parts.

   What could I ask more for the first time on this competition? Nothing! I made it worth. My team, Ms Parma had very nice results, we won the youngsters relay, we were 10th on the ladies and finally 20th(I think) on the men's side. Not bad.
   Next is Jukolla, I'll still be running on the 2nd or 3rd team as I'm not trustable, yet, to be on the 1st(wise option ahah). But no problem! I think I'll run again the first leg, but this time it will not be just 350 teams but more than 1000! I hope to not get smashed.

(Pictures soon)

Luis Silva