Monday, August 18, 2014

Those first runnings

  Running is amazing. Do it with a map even more. But after all, sports, no matter which one, is awesome. Running is, for me, the most natural sport a human being can do, but it is a little bit incomplete as we always end up to use and need muscles we don't workout while we are doing it (run).
  So that is why summer fits perfectly as the time to leave competitive running train for a while and just work on general fitness. After I stopped I didn't leave all activities and I continued to run sometimes, I bought 15 days on gym after 1 week of rest and I started to go there. It has been a right choice as I made an important work that I will benefit when I start running (not get injured, be prepared to handle heavier loads of training).
  After all, I have to make a positive apreciation about this holidays. I wasn't stopped and I kind of used my time well. I started running again on 15th. I'll just run, run and run for the next 15 days, in order to get used to it again. I think it is a good sign for the upcoming season, I thought already about my aims, but after all I just want to improve more!

  About the Europeans (Athletics).. the french guy of steeplechase is a completly jerk. I knew him already for some reasons: first one is that he is the only non african runner getting medals on the 3000m steeple, and the others were for punching a teammate in 2011, pushing the mascote in 2012 championships (no reason) and last year attacking a school principle for not hiring is brother as teacher.
  Well after he ripped off his shirt I thought it was unnecessary and stupid action, even for him, but I must recognize that rebounce back to win the 1500m in the way he did..that has to be amazing. Citing IAAF:

"Literally leaving a small pile of bodies in his wake, the 29-year-old Frenchman closed with a 52-second last lap to cruise to a 3:45.60 victory, well clear of Norway’s Henrik Ingebrigsten who finished half a second back."

  Men, that was impressive. We can't be all the best people, but maybe not being good person in other's eyes is what makes you big in sports and this frenchmen rarelly failed in any race he did. But of course, if I had to give him advice..I would tell him that there is no reason to show the worst part of his caracther in front of thowsand people.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Holidays (finally)

Yeah, that's it, holidays men. Shitty Jwoc, awesome week in Norway and now finally home. My days haven't been the best ones, I'm not training at all, I'm not studying but whatever. I need this, I need to rest. My year was awfull, I spent my health on sleeping bad, studying and still training, so now I'll take my time.
I keep doing some running and sport anyway, I cycle (I fell the other day and I fucked my arm), I run (how much I want to do in that day) and tomorrow I'll start gym.

That's my way to end with this 2013/2014, a year marked for big changes. I got out, I got back on orienteering, I ran athletics and the results were there. Some new pb's, 15'22 for 5000m and 1'54 for 800, a 49th place on the Eoc middle distance and some good races in POM. The world junior championships was a completly sheet, not much more to say, I wasn't ready, I hadn't the ability that's the truth. Academically it was a good learning year, I made my mistakes and I was not able to pass 2 in 10 disciplines. Ok, not the end of the world, but still undesirable.
Next year? Running more, that's certain. Those pb's will go all down for sure. Academically I'll try to finish my 3rd year with everything done, because in the master degree I'll be one step from my job. I'm about 20 years old, and I have big prespectives for the future, but it is only up to me to make them come true, so better start working.

For now? Beach, sun and..whatever I can call do to relax!

Luis Silva