Sunday, September 21, 2014


  Begin of new cycle. 3rd year on physics and that will represent the end of the first degree, after i will go to the master degree where, hopefully, i'll be shooting for my future career!
   What about the rest? Training continued, soft and more consistent than last year. My aims are not important at this stage, i'm a little like:"what's next?" Not that i've acumplished everything already, but because i can't think on bigger things as i don't have any time extra. I'm just glad that i can still continue to get some good runs a being able to escape from the daily stress.
    I think i didn't lost the fire of bigger things, that is something that will remain attached to my personality. But for now i'm just happy i can run almost every day.

   Still i had already some competition. I run some 10k, time not spetacular as i did 34'50. Some 2 minutes out of my pb, but i just faced that race as a good training (i passed 5k in 18'00) and that was all.

  Still is incredible how time flows, and more incredible the changes i face almost every day. I just look 3 months behind and i find incredibly stupid some things i did, but so what? Mistakes are there to show us the right way, my summer was just incredible, i had time to let everything go way and calm down, now i'm ready for a new year! There will be again mistakes, i'm sure i will have the same speech in a year, but i don't mind, for now i look to live each day at once and enjoying!